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Your marriage is full of fascinating adventures. Some are about to separate, as there are extra difficulties in your path, but there is nothing you cannot overcome with a little happiness and energy.

Life will be easier on those who are upfront and speak their mind. Those who don't hide their feelings and don't consider their sex life a private matter. You will be able to overcome it all, and seduce whoever you want when you become single.

There will be days that you are boasting with energy. So much that you would reach for the Moon and hand it to the person you love, as the stars are protecting you. The urge to live your life is up to you, so don't let your opportunity slip away. 

One last thing: take your dreams and make them come true. You will go on a journey that has little risk and lots of happiness.

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Due to your environment, you are motivated to make sure you are a success at work. Your surroundings will help you plant seeds and watch them flourish. It is just a matter of time, so be patient.

Your timetable is jam-packed for these seven days, as it seems that having time off in between meetings is your enemy. You think it will let your mind wonder, but you need to breathe. To be successful, you also need a clear mind.

In terms of your domestic economy, some issues may appear and might start a crisis. You need to have cold blood as ask for help. Don't be stubborn and think you can do it on your own. In addition, keep your spending issues under control, before it gets out of hand, my dear Aries!


Certain planets will favour your health, Aries. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Your enthusiasm and great sense of humour will pull you through rough patches. However, if you don't keep your nerves under control then something might get out of hand. 

Your wellbeing is improving, especially of those whose legs were under the knife. Your recovery is much better, so keep up the good work!

This week you don't have to give explanations to others, and just take some time off to do as you please. Try to explore your inner spirit and let it grow.