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A liberating swift of wind hovers around your sensibility throughout these days as you have lifted a barrier between you and others.

You will be fleeing emotional tiredness or overly demanding feelings, as you do not want to get into a labyrinth that no one guarantees you will leave. The atmosphere of Magic Horoscope brings new airs to your imagination, your passion and your independence.

Take life in a philosophical and spiritual way! And if you have a partner, take advantage of the opportunities you have in your path to innovate, try different things and to surprise your other half.

Venus will help you to be creative and organize a surprise that cannot wait any longer and relives the fire that one day caught on in your stomachs, with happiness, with dynamism. Try and get that spark going again!

The sensitivity of the bachelor can be driven by a talkative atmosphere and also a bit opportunistic, why not say it. Try to focus your sentimental work on the synergy of these affluences, but do not go from flower to flower; be inspiring.

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The wind blows towards your financial side, especially on this bridge between the fifth and sixth month of the year 2019. It is now time to dare take risks (but be conscious of what you do) and undertake changes of relevance that make you move forward.

The collective actions are very favored, the teamwork, the associations, and in general the art of collaborating without reservations or worries.

Aries benefits with good luck from the aspects that allow him to develop initiatives think correctly and use the inspiring thought in an intelligent way. The wind blows in favor of your candles and then you have all the arguments in your favor to defend your positions.

Attention: that the wind blows in your sails, yes, but that the businesses catch you sailing, because stuck in the port your sailboat will not make money.


Avoid acting too authoritarian on some occasions when the stars will put you to the test. It will be difficult to see the difference between the offensive actions caused on your body with the excessive protection that will make you shut up in your world, full of boredom.

You have to assert yourself if your mood is not what you should, try to say compliments to yourself, make an appointment in a beauty salon to change your image if necessary.

Pay attention to your legs to avoid problems; discard shoes that hurt your feet, because an unexpected fall could mean a sprain.