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There are several planets that will influence, with their position, the way you understand love, because you will develop new points of view, and your way of being will change (for the better!).

And it could be said that you will have more leash, that you will bear in a stoic way some attitudes that in another time would have made you climb the walls.

You are with a dynamic attitude, you look for fun and you don't want your relationship to run aground in a series of routine gestures, devoid of any sense and validity.

There will even be a desire to fight for your romance if it is currently wounded but not deadly, and you will manage to breathe a little oxygen so that the thing shines again, stronger than ever.

For singles, make it clear that Cupid will not enter through the window of the house to shoot an arrow of love, so to meet the god of this feeling, go out into the street to meet people. And if it is in cultural events better!


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Although you will have your more and your less, and your moments of exquisite brilliance, the truth is that there are not good days to do risky business or powerful investments, Aries.

And you will have trouble seeing what really suits you and what you should avoid in your life and in your day to day.

You will not have enough objectivity to make the decisions that best suit your needs as well as your current circumstances.

Don't give up because of it, and if some other circumstance happens that you might consider frustrating (for example, you don't get caught in a job, or you don't get that promotion you asked for), come back, because throwing in the towel is the last thing you have to do.




In your life there are a number of elements that do not favor your health, such as overweight, hyperactivity, or even the presence of blood sugar.

No one is free to have health problems, do not worry, because it happens in every home and in every home.

The point is that during this week you will be quite stable, and you will have an almost anesthetic effect on those circumstances that bother you.

It's not that they will disappear, but they won't make you suffer either.

If you want to protect yourself from something, let them be from the treacherous colds, so typical of this stage of the year, and that could affect your ability to feel smells (and tastes).