Aries Weekly Horoscope for 29 April - 5 May

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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During this week you will ask yourself many questions, but they will be too open and in no time you will find an accurate and concise answer that satisfies you.

It will happen with the natives of Aries who have experienced some recent disappointments in love, and their heart is broken even though they promote integrity on the outside. You never know how someone feels from the inside out.

As the days of the calendar progress and go by, a beautiful and strong planetary influence will impact your love, and important decisions will be made in animated discussions.

Not all relationships will always be easy on this bridge between the fourth and fifth months of the year, but thanks to the strong complicity that you will give off, good agreements will be reached.

It will be a good period to start common work projects in which business and love mix, a conjugation that does not always occur.

As for those single, if the opportunity to flirt comes, you will not say no, but it will only be a firework.

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You have in front of you a good week in terms of ​​work, because effective and constructive days are foreseen, in which you will discover your weak points and you will know how to improve.

You will be able to complete your initiatives, even those that you thought were completely stopped and forgotten; and the bulb of your head will light up again to find good solutions.

But this will not be enough for Aries: driven by an astral triad, you'll want to go further, projecting this in the future.

With money, you will be cautious and will make interesting budgets, not only for you, but also for anyone under your responsibility. You will be a good guide for those who approach you.


Your defenses will not be made of steel these days, and sometimes you'll feel weak; as you may even have to cancel an event at some point because it is better for you to rest and recuperate your strength.

Try to measure your food intake, especially in terms of fruits and vegetables, and remember to absorb a little more sun to synthesize vitamin D.

Pluto will act as a dominant planet in discipline and regularity, just when the astral atmosphere increases your vitality.

In the intellectual area, the Magical Horoscope will make natives more reflective, more logical, offering them a more synthetic and comprehensive view of things.

In this way, it is possible that your taste for reading and watching documentaries is bigger than usual.