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Everything seemed to have a slippery coat of love oil for couples already trained in relationships, those who know how to solve a crisis with few words and many gestures of love.

You will have initiative, a warming manner to express yourself and happiness, and you will also project this happiness on others; as your positive influence is helping others, in which a smile can go miles.

Those Aries who are single will be very much in demand and will hardly want to miss the opportunity to join any war they hear bombs from. Don’t get caught up in a battle that isn’t yours!

However, the person you meet this week may make you change your mind about starting something serious. Therefore, do not be too direct about your hostility to life as a couple: celebrate conjugal life.

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Some lucky shots will be around you due to the beneficial influence of Neptune. That is why you should spend this period of time in a certain sense of euphoria, which promptly leads you to buy without control, and even without analyzing your bank accounts.

Many of the natives of Aries, in fact, will get a pay raise that will be happily welcomed (and also quite wanted).

If you work on your own, especially if it is in the world of construction work or similar, you should get a big profit this week.

The Moon will give you the support you expected in the material field and you will feel relaxed as your home will finally feel cozy without complications.

You will have new possibilities if you open your eyes well; as Fortune will make you smile bringing you good harvests if you have sown in the past with mastery.

You will know how to make the most of these beneficial influences to solve the small problems that lurk in your mind at nightfall.


Jupiter's position in your Heaven should help you find a much better tone when you try to voice your opinion to others.

However, you should pay attention to Mars, which will make you do too much sport with risks to extreme fatigue or some injuries. Do not overdo it!

Find time to dedicate yourself, to relax and disconnect from the entire universe. Everyone needs alone time.

Check medical appointments and do not miss any, and also, try to have gluttony chained.