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Aries Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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And then came the bridge week between the old 2018 and the new 2019 in which you should benefit from every minute the clock gives you to give love to those around you!

During the next seven days, those who are single will be lucky.

Your sixth sense will tell you how to approach in a stealthy but safe way to that person who you dream of (although possibly nobody knows of that almost platonic love that beats in your chest).

You're going to learn to live your feelings differently, taking some of the passion and viscerality off the top of the table and putting your heart ahead of everything else.

Likewise, get ready for the first argument of the year if you are in a relationship. It won't be anything important, but the situation will make you feel bad.


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We have to tell you that this new year your accounts will be healthier and everything will be more fruitful, but for it to be possible you will have to work really hard.

And not only does the Magic Horoscope mean that you will have to make great efforts at work...

Actually, you will have to do numbers and set yourself steady objectives in order to get out of the economic stagnation in which you can drown right now.

You know very well that asset management is a science, and you can't leave some things to improvisation. It is better to have everything well tied up from the very beginning. Do not leave it for later, when 2019 has already settled.

And if the opportunity arises to cut costs as well as tighten your belt, do not hesitate. We must be saving for when unforeseen events come (which there will be, even if you don't want it).


As far as health is concerned, you also want to make new year's resolutions, right?

To be honest, we know we're not going to do everything we set out to do, but at least try to design your strategy for better well-being.

In addition to keeping your usual appointments with doctors, if you have them, look for healing hands that help your back to get rid of those annoying knots you suffer.

Get a massage with essential oils, and that have properties according to your current needs.


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