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One of the main drawbacks you will encounter during the next seven days is related to love, though rather the opposite of love.

And you will learn that selfishness can take on multiple aspects, and how it can be confused with respect, with love, which have nothing to do with excessive admiration for oneself.

Prepare the shield for the darts that bored people want to throw against you, making you the center of a trial in which your life habits will be valued, your feelings, and in general, how you grab the reins of your horse.

It will also be a good time to close stages of the past, perhaps with a friend with whom you stopped talking abruptly, and now you will understand why.

Aries who are single will be fleeting, living quick stories that will instantly expire, so don't hang around too much on the other person.


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Is it the same to stop making money as it is to lose it? Not at all, Aries, and you're going to learn it this week.

You know you like to complain, and maybe some people will shut you up when they clarify the difference between losses and estimated profits that don't come true.

You will have to play cards with moderation if you want to be a winner in certain negotiations and changes that will take place in your professional sphere.

Become an active subject who seeks to improve, do not stay comfortable waiting for your whole world to fix itself.

Ah, and don't rely too much on virtual payments, not even on credit cards! That will give you more problems than satisfaction.


The meditation techniques will go very well to balance your soul, and do not hesitate to start them if you have not had occasion so far.

Likewise, the vapors from the sauna or the thermal circuits will be perfect to improve the circulation of your legs and eliminate some toxins.

It's just a matter of finding the right moment; if you dive a little through the nets, you're sure to find a competent offer.

You will notice how your willpower rises, and you should take advantage of it to get rid of some harmful habits for your well-being.

Or even, to start going to the gym frequently, if you are one of those who only pays the monthly fee but never steps into the training room.