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On the heart side, you can expect joy that for many natives will be quite deep in a few days next week.

You will be happy, or better said, the stars point out that you will know how to be happy, even if you aren't unwary and think that everything will be filled with flowers on the floor.

You will feel appreciated in a truly gratifying way by the one who inspires you, you will feel the feelings s/he has towards you and you will notice that you travel in the same wave.

Also, you will want to know more about the inner world of that person who excites you, to discover what is true, their most secret essence.

But from time to time you will find stones in the way, and by stones we mean someone who wants to recover you, or a love story that was not closed and that seeks to be rescued from the bottom of the abyss.


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You will travel above your economy, distancing yourself from it in order to have clarity about your accounts, your money, seeing where it escapes without you being aware of it.

You will be a wonderful plumber, who will stop any monetary drip and work hard to achieve it.

You know how much it costs to earn every penny to allow the commissions of banks, telephone companies and so on to keep what you have worked for.

Also, you will find your warrior side at work, and you will not allow injustices or discriminations to be committed before your eyes.

You will not tolerate for others the circumstances you would never in life want for yourself (and this is something frankly beautiful, really).


Playing sports. Move. Fight sedentarism. If you are an active person you will be fed up with these messages, thinking that you are already exercising what is yours.

Okay, but do you do it safely? Because the Magic Horoscope foresees that next week you will be susceptible to injury or sprain due to lack of caution.

In the same way, pay attention to certain health habits that you carry out automatically without paying the attention you should.

For example, bad tooth brushing won't prevent oral diseases, you have to take good care when doing it, and with a toothpaste that suits your needs!

At least, you can be sure that your energies will be adequate, they will not fail you at any time, you have to do the task you have to do (or that you feel like doing).