Aries Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This week encourages you to keep up an active spirit. You're ready to make things happen, instead of staying put arms-crossed and letting life slide by. You'll know how to leave any shreds of sadness or melancholy behind, and you're setting up a track into happiness.

You'll give high priority not only to romantic relationships but to friends and family too. You'll be highly concerned about the people that are special to you. You'll make certain choices in the simplest, most effective way. Clarity has made your mind its home.

With that attitude you'll manage to overcome any crisis situations, you'll make progress at peace-making, or you'll achieve a slight sense of peace in the relationships that broke off because of a war.

It's not all good news, as was expected: some things won't happen the way you want them to, and you'll have to work twice as hard for them to turn out well. However, you won't mind giving it your best.

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Aries, your numbers are scrambling up a bit and you can't read the data you've got in front of you cleanly and objectively. You try to take the silver lining of life, with the most positive indexes, but you shouldn't ignore dark corners.

Your spirit is light and sometimes your head might get filled up with crazy ideas that will seem attractive. However, some stars are making room for you to get lazy, putting off any sticky situation.

It'll do you good to take some distance and analyze situations from that standpoint; a cool mind will help you spot where the issues are before you even notice.

As far as work relationships are concerned, things will be calm, but try not to be hurtful. People will be way too sensitive this week.


You need to discuss your physical shape, your ailments, your athletic aspirations. Get an appointment with your nutritionist or personal trainer if you've got one. Someone from outside your family that sheds the light you're looking after in the world of wellness.

There'll be plenty of chances to do activities that boost your muscles and agility, as well as mild beauty treatments.