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You will be more romantic than ever throughout this new week of May that unfolds over you, and although there are difficulties and stones in your way, you will be strong so that the smile does not fail from your face.

You will show the best of you, and you will want to make the person next to you happy, and if you are in crisis, you will put the cards on the table, and show the problems just the way they are.

No obstacle will be insurmountable, not even an infidelity; only if you believe that you no longer love your partner, that you will not strive for their happiness, you should take some drastic decision.

The stars will offer you good and great opportunities if you are a native of Aries who is single, although there is a risk of committing too quickly. Before telling your friends and family that you are in a relationship, make sure you know the other person.

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Given the good influx of the Magical Horoscope, it will be the perfect time to consolidate your material situation.

From Monday onwards, you will be able to carry out real estate transactions, which will guarantee your future in some way, or even start making accounts for future retirement. Years pass too fast, my dear Aries, and before you know it you will comb gray hair and your skin will be full of wrinkles and hanging off your body.

At work, you will start this new cycle well, with an energetic and optimistic spirit, determined to take the most difficult steps (that sometimes elude you from your walk) and you will make an effort of realism to better solve the concrete situations.

Beware of the most veteran companions, who could make your bed at any given time; Stay on guard, just as a precaution.


Jupiter will be the one that is playing about with your health, and in a quite positive sense, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

But this planet of the Magical Horoscope also predisposes your body to excesses and temptations, so it will be your turn to be a responsible and reasonable person.

Beware of the abuse of good, tasty and greasy meals, as well as the diabolical gluttony; that you will fill the eye before the stomach and the rations can be more opulent than your body needs.

Mentally you will find yourself quite rested, the stars will protect your spiritual world effectively, and in the end, it will give you a great physical and moral form.