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Sensuality and tenderness will be present in this second week of the year, Aries, which may reassure you a little.

With your partner 2019 may not have started the comfortable way you expected, but hey, the stars are there to lend a hand and help you forget problems and confrontations.

The key is not to let things accumulate, and learn from them; you have to have much more awareness of the reality that surrounds you, and if you have to detect the weaknesses that plague your romance, do it.

Only then will you be able to decide what move to take from now on so that everything shines around you again.

Learn, on the other hand, to communicate more with your close friends, to celebrate you are always together, but you also need to cry together on a subject that affects you all.


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It may be that this 2019 has not started as powerful as 2018 that has already disappeared, but that is not why you should come down, even though the days already begin to run in the calendar.

On the one hand, the stars recommend that you take care of your professional image in the most avant-garde sense: in everything related to new technologies and the Internet.

In that sense, measure your words well on social networks, lest they ask you for explanations for some inappropriate comments, or open to misinterpretations.

There will be times when you will have to deal with a certain sense of frustration, because you will feel that you are not as projected to success as you expected.

But if you know how to make the situation yours, you'll be able to take the helm and turn to the side of the finish line, because there's still time for that.


A question that may seem indiscreet to you: When you did your examination of conscience at the end of 2018, did you intend to fulfill the purposes you set for yourself?

Because it might seem (the stars only have that feeling) that you were simply wasting your time, and that you have continued doing what you want, without worrying especially about your well-being.

You have to find a way, above all, to get rid of the anguish that corrodes you, that stressful feeling that the clock is moving faster than it should and that is why you don't have time to do anything.

If you want to find a spiritual oasis, try to spend more time with your loved ones, because this way they will be able to transmit the peace that your soul craves.