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Your personal life is your priority this week, especially if you are starting a new romance, my dear Aries. You are ready to do your best for those around you. 

You are full of optimism and melancholy if your relationship has burnt out and you are trying to find embers to set alight the fire of love once again. 

Nonetheless, the stars will help you move forward even though your spirit has been severely damaged. Smile and try your best to push through this rough patch.

Within relationships, there will be complicity as you try new things together. New sensations and emotions are healthy.

Trying new things together is good as it helps your sex life improve. Spend time together and tell each other what you like.

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Concentrate and focus on your financial priorities such as paying off your bills at the end of the month, my dear Aries, as you don't want them to pile up!

Keep an open mind for new investments and projects, but never combine money with family. It is a bad idea as you will feel bad when you have to ask for your money back.

There will be a lot of calm at work which will make you feel that something isn't right. You will start investigating just to make sure.

If you have some extra money, you may have to change some appliances at home, which don't come cheap!


Stress is in the air around you and is constantly following you as your agenda if full of events. Some events may even take place at the same time so you will be rushing from place to place.

Make sure you have everything written down right, or you may end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Your health shouldn't be set aside, as the risks that may be caused due to stress will begin to manifest soon and very quickly.

Your stomach seems to be quite sensitive, especially if you eat some new ingredients that your body isn't used to. Spicy food isn't the best option, so try and eat simple and healthy foods.