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Cupid has gone a little crazy withAries. Will there be consequences? You will be attracted to people that you cannot stand and feel anxious around them. In other words, you aren't very fond of them. When they speak, it annoys you but you also enjoy it.

In terms of couples, maybe it is time to spend some time apart and have some freedom. Each of you needs to spend some time alone and think about what you need from a relationship. You are tired of running after your partner; it is time that they learnt they are losing you.

This weekly horoscope is positive for Aries, as they will reveal hidden information to their loved ones, whether it is your partner, family or even friends. Stop hiding your feelings and put your cards on the table. It is time to play.

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You might say, my dear Aries, that this week has many good things coming your way, as your economy is beneficial and your job situation is stable.

Throughout this week you will find many opportunities to travel abroad whether it is for work or to do a course. Whatever the reason, make the most of it and explore new places. It will make you a stronger opponent at work, as your job is your priority. If you have a family, then analyse whether moving abroad to work is worth it or not.

There will be some issues concerning your family, due to inheritance and legacies. It won't be easy, as some family members want more than what they deserve.


Your digestive system will be quite sensitive this week, so don't be too hard on it and make sure you eat a soft diet without any strong flavours. Eat fresh products that are local. Vegetable protein will be great for your body, so lay off the meat and fish for a while.

You feel that nothing can pull you down, not even a disease or illness. However, make sure you don't overdo it, as social life can affect your health too.

Something that is no longer by your side is trying to send you a message from above. Whether is it a smell or a song that reminds you of them. Just remember that they will always be there for you, shining in your sky of stars.