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The Aries Prediction for the Month of August

Your Aries Prediction for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Editorial Team


Love: Live in the present and forget the past

The first thing that needs to be clear is that this August, you can't live in the past, especially if you broke off a relationship recently.

You always have to keep looking ahead, with excitement and hope; the past is over. All that's left is the present, and what's to come in the future.

With that being said, problems are predicted between you and your partner due to rumors and gossip that came from the lips of people that are jealous of your relationship.

Muster up all of your energy and find out who this venomous serpent is that wants to send toxins your way and cast darkness over your heart.

While you're at it, you can bring down the wall that you hide your emotions behind, due to your fear of showing your true self, although sometimes you have no other choice but to let down your guard.

If you're single, Magic Horoscope predicts fun in your life, coming and going, but there's also some advice.

And that's means that you should avoid being overly confident, don't start idealizing anyone that crosses paths with your heart.

You'll also notice certain emotional discomfort due to some emotional insecurities that you have to nip in the bud, since this is the only way that you'll be able to create magic moments.

Money: Sell your talent better

No economic catastrophes are predicted that you won't be able to recover from quickly, or anything of the sort. So you can breathe easy this August if you're a native of Aries.

However, Magic Horoscope scolds you and tells you that you need to change your attitude as a professional, you have to start projecting your talent in new directions that you need to explore.

Are you expecting a raise? Patience, it seems that for the time being you won't receive one, which isn't easy to accept.

Consumerism won't leave your checking account on the cusp of being overdrawn, something that has happened on other occasions. However, you should take care when it comes to the purchases that you make online since you'll likely be a victim of scammers and other types of fraud.

The planetary position indicates that soon you may travel for work and money related reasons, although don't get confused and think that this means you should show off the wealth that you might not have.

Health: Time to quit bad habits

This month you need to listen to your body and detect your own health problems; although there won't be any serious matters, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on your back and neck as well.

Beat the temptations to fall into all things that are detrimental to your health, those habits that are harmful like tobacco. Your willpower will be strong and you'll be able to face these things.

Taking supplements that can improve your health is highly recommended, especially if your diet isn't as healthy and balanced as it should be.

It's predicted that this August practicing moderation will be essential to keep up your strength and to keep the focus off of your weak points.