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Aries Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The unexpected events that happen in life (and especially in love) don't always have to be negative, Aries.  Yes, we know that you love stability and steadiness and that everything goes according to what's planned, but don't be so boring and learn to enjoy the improvisation gift!

Especially if your heart is free and your batteries are charged to give all your loving to someone who really deserves it and who is going to treasure it.

However, the Aries' sky points out that your way of loving could be more affectionate than carnal, and the other person may not get this. The more years you have been with that person, the higher chances that this will happen.

Will you be able to manage the lack of fireworks in your relationship? Do it through nice gestures and being thoughtful, so that your partner smiles at you.


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Put your feet on the ground and get moving to make money, Aries!

The Christmas spirit is wonderful, but it won't make your bank account be full.

At least you know now that the stars will guide you to the right place and the right moment so that you have new contacts for future business.

Of course, you will also have to face some proposals that won't be that appropriate for you, some of them promoted by you, by the way. They will bring you more headaches than anything.

We know it's difficult, but the key is that you are objective, that you see yourself from an outsider point of view, and that you stick to the advice you would give to someone else in your situation.


The Magic Horoscope foresees that you will have a nice Christmas week, Aries.

Although there will be some threats around you (maybe concerning your digestive or liver health) try to avoid it having a fat-free diet.

Don't succumb to questionable health treatments that are not supported by specialists and professionals.

And finally, learn not to take full responsibility for everything that happens around you. Make sure that the people around you also help you.