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Aries Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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Another Christmas that we can't run away from even if we don't like celebrating this holiday.

At least you can be happy because in your Christmas sock hanging on the fireplace there isn't bad news for you as far as love is concerned. However, you will find some inconveniences concerning your daily life.

As days go by you will feel naughty and mischievous. You want to spice up your love life a little. Don't fight against this feeling, for there is nothing you can do to avoid it.

Do whatever you want, propose new situations to your partner, or look for dates if you are single. You need some action that makes you feel alive.

To be honest, there will be some affair that won't be easy to achieve in the case you are single. However, keep fighting for what you want, and you'll finally get it.


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Something that you will learn this week is that doing business with family never has good results, as much as you think that your case will be different from others'.

Stay alert, and don't let your head be lost in the clouds. Only if you are in a constant state of awareness you will find new interesting options concerning your economy.

Within you, there is the will to do great things, but you have to discover your potential first. Whenever you find it out, put a price on it. Don't be cheap or you'll never make money, Aries.

In the scale in which you put your money, analyze what risks have some investments, and how would they affect you and your family if they went wrong.

In that sense, maybe you'll start thinking stuff twice or even three times before doing them.


During this week that goes from the 24 to the 30 of December, the Magic Horoscope highlights your way of thinking positive as a method for a good physical and mental balance.

There will be plenty of energy within you, and you will have time enough to do something that you keep postponing.

It is also interesting the power that the Moon will focus on you. Its light will help you avoid toxic people that make you feel bad and that arise that negative side in you. Therefore, this week you will be very optimistic.

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