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This week will allow Aries natives to reinvent love if they wish. Especially if their ex cheated on them recently or if their heart is still broken because of a breakup that they're still not entirely over.

Generally speaking, there will be great vibes in love, and you might even feel like you're overflowing with feelings. You'll be totally ecstatic at points.

You'll remember how beautiful it is to be loved by that special person that you care so much about, something that you don't think about every day.

Of course, the path won't always be rosy, since there will be some times when you'll be evasive. This might be because you made a mistake that you'd prefer not to talk about, and you'll be afraid to look into your soulmate's eyes.

Look in the mirror and trust yourself. Don't be a coward, stand up for yourself. You're old enough to face situations straight on, don't you think?


Magic Horoscope has told you many times that those with time have something that money can't buy.

That's why, during the next seven days, the cosmos recommend that you figure out a better schedule that will allow you to make the most of every minute, especially those Aries that are currently studying.

On the same note, all signs point to your ambition being through the roof right now. You want to make money, so you'll sharpen your senses and knock down anyone who gets in your way.

And you might find yourself asking, "will there be anything wrong with my finances?" The answer is affirmative, yes, there will be some bumps along the road. To be more specific, this will be related to your reputation, although you'll be able to detect who threw you under the rug and get back at this person very soon.


Your faith in yourself is moving at cosmic speeds, and you'll even be able to overcome occasional fears and learn to call specific health problems by their real name, setting any euphemisms aside.

The cold may cause you some discomfort soon. For example, it might cause an oral herpes outbreak, but this shouldn't cause any more significant problems (of course, if you don't like the looks of it, you can always consult your doctor). 

Lastly, during this new phase, try to pay closer attention to your dreams by consulting Magic Horoscope's dream dictionary. If you do this, you'll be able to learn more about the messages your subconscious is sending you.