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Aries Horoscope for Wednesday, January 31st

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You’re changing yourself too much for your relationship. Your partner makes all of the decisions and this makes you feel comfortable, however, you’re starting to put some pressure on and every once in a while you deserve to choose where to go out or where to have dinner. Take the reins for once and everything will get better.

This won’t stop a misunderstanding with one of your friends from happening this Wednesday. In the age of Whatsapp and text messages, anything could be misinterpreted. That’s why it’s better to clear things up in person, that way you know what face the person is making when they say things to you.


At first, you didn’t think you liked your coworkers, but now you realize that they’re great people. This should serve as a lesson to judge less and give more second chances.

This motivates you to keep working and to keep up with the tasks that you boss assigns you. With a good work environment, good results come easily. This is the truth of the matter.

On the other hand, today you will recieve an unexpected bank transfer, and you weren’t exactly doing great financially. Manage this extra money as you wish, but make sure that you don’t waste it.


You’ve started following some healthy living tips (like drinking between two to three liters of water a day or eating royal jelly in the mornings), you feel much better and every day you’re keeping up with your errands. You may face a small setback due to knee pain, but don’t worry, it won’t be serious.

As far as your spiritual equilibrium, reiki will be useful to you, even though you’ve never believed much in this type of therapy. When you open yourself to this type of energy, you’ll be able to begin.