Aries MONTHLY Horoscope

21 Mar - 19 Apr

Aries monthly: Your horoscope for February 2020

Love: You're letting chances slide

Aries, your intuition has seen better times than this second month of the year; you won't be able to see it whenever someone's becoming interested in you and trying to get on your good side. You won't catch the signals and you'll be letting chances slide.

In the same way, you'll also be clueless when thinking that someone is falling in love with you when they're just being nice and polite.

As far as couples are concerned, only jealousy could break your peace. You'll become extremely doubtful and insecure, and there won't be much room for your other half to act as usual. You'll need to keep your control under a cleaner scope; otherwise, your partner could drown at your mercy.

Those of you who have a secret love affair will have to come to a turning point: either stop in your tracks and close the storybook forever or start to live out your romance under the light of day.

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Money: A wise way with words

The speech will be your best asset when it comes to work. Every now and then you'll feel tension around you, but only through conversation will you manage to shed some light into darkness. You could even be surprised to find yourself arguing with that colleague that's been your friend for years.

Hard January has proven to be too hard for comfort, and that's why you'll have to squeeze it in for a few more weeks. Any budget-tightening initiative is gladly welcome.

Fortunately for you, there won't be a single deal out of reach, and you'll know how to keep your pantry filled to the brim and your needs well-met for less money than usual.

Health: Watch how much and deep your sleep is

In order to think about having a better future, break the ties to your past. In any case, focus your attention on the here and now.

Learn to control how much and how deep your sleep is; watching shows late into the night doesn't help your sleep at all. Your body could take the toll in the long run if you don't rest well.

Whenever you feel your energy dropping down, try to find some time to get out into the woods or other areas that allow you to get in touch with nature. Stay away from light and sound pollution, and you'll heal yourself.