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This week from 19-25 November, if any word could possibly be used to describe Aries, it would be gracious.

Your feelings and attitude will be just that, gracious, andyou will do everything in your power to keep your romantic relationship from taking any hits.

Besides, there will be times when you'll need your partner to lend you a hand to keep everything flowing smoothing when you feel overwhelmed by the pressure. Luckily, this person will be right there when you need them, and they will help you to stay afloat.

This could also happen if you're single, and in this case, the cosmos suggest that you do what you can to look your best.

Change your look, get dressed up, and enhance your best features. If you do all of this, it will help you to seduce the person that you've got your sights set on, even if you haven't gotten any signs that they're interested in you now.


Venus will make a big splash in love this week, and for Aries, this planet will impact their financial realm as well.

That's why you'll fall head over heels for some particularly expensive products which could put you in a tough place financially if you don't get a handle on this powerful planet.

Besides the economic problems that you get yourself into, there won't be much else to worry about in this area.

However, you will run into workplace dilemmas, and there will be times when you won't know how to proceed.

You won't be tempted to stick your nose in places where it's none of your business, but you will witness co-workers who act unfairly.

So, you'll have to decide whether it's worth pointing fingers or if it would be better to stay quiet and look the other way and pretend like you never saw what happened.


You won't have a whole lot of energy this week, to be quite frank. But, don't back down, you shouldn't stay home just because you're afraid!

As far as your beauty routine; try giving your face a workout by lifting an lowering your eyebrows. This will exercise all of your face muscles.

When you plan your meals for this week (something that you should be taking the time to do and stop just grabbing the first thing that you see from the refrigerator) go for foods that contain fluoride.

This will help to improve your dental health, and besides, and we all know that having a great smile opens a lot of doors!