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During this week you'll want to experience all of your feelings, and not just love: you'll go much further than that, you'll feel other beautiful and intense emotions rush over your being.

Besides, you'll be proud of this, and you won't want to play it down or pretend. You won't put on the mask that others wear, you'll want to show the most authentic side of yourself.

This is a positive thing, but it could be a little lackluster for those natives of Aries that aren't feeling very loved by their partners. For these people, a breakup could be in the near future.

You'll need to be determined, but you should take things slowly without getting carried away.

Single Aries will have a way with words and they'll have entertaining conversations with someone that will give them butterflies in their stomachs.


The energy will be powerful during the next seven day for Aries when it comes to accomplishing new goals and meeting new challenges both professionally and on an economic level.

You can make changes happen if you just put in a little bit of effort, and it's even a good time to hand out your CV if you're looking for a job or if you want to change companies if you feel like you've already made it to the top where you're at.

Not all Aries will be successful: some will find that something that they were confident that they'd be successful with will come to a sudden halt, but there will be new opportunities!

The money in your piggy bank will start to dwindle, and this will most likely be related to some kind of group expense.

Maybe a vacation with friends, or because you're working on growing your capital in your personal business?


Truth be told, the cosmos indicate that this week won't be a particularly calm one as far as health goes.

In the past, your health was guaranteed, but your constellation now points to a malaise in the near future for you that could mean anything from dizziness to a cold or even back pain.

But this cosmic prophecy doesn't mean that you need to stay at home like the princess and the pea, ok? You'll be able to carry on with your normal activities!

As far as your eating habits go, Magic Horoscope suggests that you gradually push forward your dinner time.

This is the best way to make sure that your digestion is at its best, and while you're at it, improve your quality of sleep.