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The beginning of the week will be a bit unstable for you. Some stars and planets are positioned against you so that you don't succeed in your love life.

Misunderstandings will get you in trouble, and you will have to work hard to get out of them.

If you are in a relationship, don't worry because everything will be better than you expect. It will be more satisfactory than you thought it would be.

By the weekend the stars will align so that you achieve anything you want in addition to a happy steady environment.

The Sun will lighten your relationship with someone that you have known for a long time. You never thought that you two would have so much chemistry...


Your concentration levels are a bit low currently thanks to Mercury's influx. You should make an effort to improve it and organize your documents and files, at least by the beginning of the week.

Your financial position is not how you expect it to be, but whose is? Everybody wants to have more. You know that to get a good income, you have to work hard and look further.

You will have to face significant amounts of work these coming days, and you may feel lost and overwhelmed.

Whenever that happens, try to look for inspiration and face what may come with a big smile, good energy, and positivity. Also, try not to waste money on things you don't need now.


The stars are not showing any inconvenience for your health in the following seven days, Aries. However, you may be a bit stressed and nervous.

But the impacts will be temporary and ephemeral, although those nerves can show in your body as itching or hives, which will be a signal for you to slow down your pace.

You will be dominated by gluttony these following days, and you will probably overeat more than once. It is so hard to resist temptation... If you can't help it, at least try to counterbalance the situation afterward.

Even if your power of will is too weak, try to invoke the stars and planets to provide you with courage so that you don't fall into bad habits traps.