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You'll have to activate your lie detector at the start of this week, Aries, especially if you're single and someone has been trying to seduce you.

Go on dates, experiment and do whatever you please, but make sure that everything that this person is saying is true. Be careful that they're not winning you over with stories.

The cosmos confirm that you'll be more charming than ever, and you'll even be able to take an important step towards moving forward in your life if you've recently gone through a breakup.

If you're in a relationship, try to be your authentic self, don't hold back your feelings, express yourself freely.

Don't get defensive and avoid getting caught up in romantic fantasies that are far from realistic.

Reflect on your true personality, stop following the flock of sheep.


You know that this month you have more expenses than usual with Christmas just around the corner, so start thinking more about saving.

You'll have to keep reminding yourself to have some self-control, especially since the cosmos indicate that you'll be particularly impressionable over the next few days. You're likely to buy just about anything that a good salesperson puts in front of you.

You'll get wind of excellent business ideas that could turn out to be quite solid.

However, don't get ahead of yourself, since it won't be easy - businesses don't build themselves on their own.

Running your own business is like having a house plant that you have to water, fertilize, and weed often if you want it to be healthy.


Don't worry too much about your health because the cosmos predict an overall good period for you throughout the next seven days.

Sometimes you'll have to control yourself since you'll experience occasional attacks of hunger. You'll feel like you could eat an entire wedding cake on your own.

You should also work on quitting those bad habits you have, like biting your nails. Did you know that doing this could even make you more susceptible to illnesses?

Finally, make the most of Magic Horoscope's positive influence when it comes to your personal opinion in matters that affect your well-being, which will allow you to make good decisions.