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Aries Planetary Prediction for Thursday, February 1st

Magical Horoscope’s prediction for Aries
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When something is built without a strong foundation, sooner or later it ends up falling apart. This is the feeling that you have with your significant other. You’re now beginning to see some of their shortcomings and some problems of theirs that are very difficult to resolve.

You think that if from the start you’d been completely honest with one another, that the current situation would be different. However, lamenting the things that you didn’t do or that you did badly doesn’t help your relationship in the present.

The most important thing now is finding the solution that allows you to save your relationship. They say that second chances are a waste of time, but deep down you’re willing to prove this theory wrong.


Your income could increase even more after the payment that you received and it will happen when you find a way to spend more time on the job.

Making overtime thanks to these extra hours of work could fix the majority of your problems, even though to do this you’ll need to sacrifice some of your free time.

Offsetting costs with extra work will give you a greater earning capacity and allow you to make a series of investments in the future that could prove to be a lifesaver. In other words: If you want to enjoy life tomorrow, you’ll have to make sacrifices today.


Experiencing so many emotions at once could be a bigger problem than you think. You don’t allow yourself to be influenced by activities that you don’t find interesting and that you don’t think you will benefit from in any way.

So, you’ll have to handle all of these emotions on your own and do it in the best possible way, if not, the only one that will suffer will be you. Start visualizing everything that directly contributes to your emotions and think of the best way to take care of these feelings.

If, for example, someone that you’re close to has an attitude problem that’s bothering you, let them know. Once this is solved, try to get away from it all.