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21 Mar - 19 Apr

Aries today: Your horoscope for February 29, 2020

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Aries Horoscope Saturday
Your Aries Horoscope for Saturday | Magic Horoscope


Your personal circumstances and experiences from the last few months have overwhelmed you, no matter how complete and dignified you try to look. You're sheltering yourself on the popular belief that time heals everything, but it'd do you good to let people help you.

Your partner's worried about you, they don't know how to help because you can't show your true vulnerable colours. Don't keep your guard high all day, and give them the key to your heart.

Give up that stubbornness of yours as much as you can, especially if you're still single, Aries. Venus will help you find love as long as you do some work yourself.

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Saturday won't be as calm as you'd wanted it to; in fact, financial and career issues will be ready to ride a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs. One minute you're getting good news and a seemingly brilliant affair breaks down the next.

You'll be extremely skilled at spotting a good chance for business, and the lead role will perfectly fit your skills. Your team can rest assured if it's you leading the pack.

Watch your expenses this weekend; if you were thinking about trying out some undesirable activities, think about putting away for saving the money you were going to spend instead.


You're in for a highly sensitive day; emotions will be easily running deep, and you'll take as your own whatever suffering you see in your loved ones. But hey, you'll also enjoy victories and good news from the outside, you won't just take the bad ones!

It's a great day for you as an Aries native; your physical tone and shape will be great, and you'll have an enviable endurance. If you're thinking about going on a diet, do it today and don't wait until Monday as everyone else does.

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