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You're starting the week and the first thing that you need to do is set your clock and make sure that it works perfectly, without being behind or stopping.

This is because Magic Horoscope's current position could cause problems between couples related to time.

Dates that you may be very late for, certain things that you were supposed to do at a certain time and that you end up forgetting about, or even conflicts related to impatience.

If you're an Aries and you're single, this time that the cosmos refer to represents your rush to find a soulmate.

Are you really in such a rush to give up your beloved freedom, that you'd push the clock forward? It would be better to focus on living and enjoying each beat of your heart.


If you're not too greedy financially, everything will be fine, and Mercury will help you to find this balance.

And how can you reach this point, that Magic Horoscope refers to with greed?

To start, you should moderate your natural tendency towards megalomania, to make everything big, luxurious, and always showing off your riches and technologies in front of others.

Don't worry, there will still be time to feed your ego, today, however, it would be best if you let it hibernate, ok?

On the other hand, right now you should avoid joining overly daring businesses, and also don't act too bravely in areas that you really know nothing about.

You're highly likely to make mistakes and this would block your mind for a few days; it would be better if you made sure that with each step that you take, you're moving forward on the right path.


Seek out your doctor if you're suffering from a severe or chronic illness, because today you could receive information about new treatments that could turn out to be highly effective for you.

Mars and its influence will bring physical strength for natives of Aries at the beginning of this week.

In spite of this, it will also bring you internal tension that could cause you to make mistakes when it comes to making good decisions, or cause you to speak before you think.