Full Horoscope for Aries for This Coming Wednesday 22nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
Aries Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



Control your actions. Magic Horoscope recommends this to you because, although you haven't noticed, your partner woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

So, what sometimes forms a part of your routine and your day to day life, today, will be magnified and could end up seeming irritating to them.

A comment that could be considered out of line, or even having the TV volume up too high could cause a ridiculous argument.

Take a deep breath, and avoid trying to reason with them, just say yes, you're sorry, and move on.

There will be better days, in which peace will fill your surroundings. Meanwhile, let this day where Mercury is hurting your love, to go by.


Today will be your lucky day, filled with optimism and happiness when it comes to your finances.

You'll be able to catch up on the payments that you were behind on, most likely small and insignificant amounts, but they'll start questioning your trustworthiness if you don't solve this sooner rather than later.

If you're a business person, you'll notice that there's an aura of success and a good flow of cash. You might think that it's too good to be true, but Magic Horoscope assures you that it isn't.


Too many planets are influencing Aries' health this Wednesday, and it's not easy to figure out how this will end up affecting you. Mars, Neptune, and Pluto all present themselves today in the Magic Horoscope.

The first brings you energy, but also strengthens inner tension and can cause you to experience unpleasant nervous impulses.

The planet whose named the god of the sea, on the other hand, acts to bring you discipline, but could also increase your sensitivity to the cold and weaken your skeletal system (so take extra calcium in order to prevent any issues).

And the last celestial body from this planetary trio will empahsize the dominance of the mind when it comes to physical things.

What will the result of all of this be? Well, your health and mood will vary throughout the day, and you should take advantage of this to learn or to practice healthy habits.