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Aries Magic Horoscope for 25th August

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Venus's present position could promote stability and fidelity in love for natives of Aries. That's not bad, is it?

However, there's a planet in retrograde that will affect couples that aren't doing well and that are going through crises, and this weekend their problems could get worse.

Venus's support extends to single Arians as well, of course, and there will be many that will find opportunities to organize very interesting meetups.

The prediction points to a change in family structure as well, and this could be happy or sad: with the birth of a baby, or if a loved one moves on forever to the afterlife.


It's obvious that saving isn't your thing, it doesn't matter whether you set a fixed quantity in your account or otherwise.

And it's about time for you to start getting tougher on yourself, you're old enough now, don't you think, Aries?

Why don't you do it like your grandparents and save some big bucks in an envelope that you can keep in your home, and promise not to touch it?

In big letters write exactly what you're saving for on it (a new house, the place that you want to go on vacation) and this way you'll feel bad if you spend it because you'll remember that if you touch this money, your dream will fade away.


The fatigue that sometimes slows you down isn't just due to your health habits (that need improvement): what you eat, drink, or the sports that you play (or that you avoid at all costs) all play a role.

It's also due to your bad posture when you sit at the computer, your incorrect way of lying in bed (change your pillow!) and also how you position your shoulders when you walk.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to start thinking of making an appointment with a physical therapist so that they can put everything back in place, don't you think?