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Full Aries Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 29th August

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
Aries Daily Horoscope |



When a relationship ends, you need to show emotional wisdom, and remember all of the good things that you got out of the experience, and what you've been able to do to improve as a person, while it lasted.

And that's it. Don't brood over the memories, something that will probably happen to those Aries that have broken up with their partner or decided to get a divorce over the past few weeks.

Around you, there's a layer of fog that's keeping you from seeing things clearly.

Push this aside with your hand, and don't run blindly into a relationship again, as if it were a foolproof place to take refuge, because you're sure to be met with disappointment.


You can keep calm this Wednesday, even though it's the end of the month, and it's possible that your paycheck has yet to hit your bank account.

This is because Magic Horoscope says that if you're an Aries, all will go well with your finances, at least, if you're the kind of person that knows how to budget intelligently.

In reference to intelligence, Mercury specifically states that you shouldn't take any risky initiatives today.

In the case that you're starting to think about large financial transactions, be extremely cautious: the likelihood that you'll make the wrong decision is higher than Mount Everest, and there won't be any rescue team able to get you out of there if you get yourself into trouble.


In health, a highly stimulating cosmic atmosphere will appear, the best one that's come about over the course of the past few months for Aries.

Make the most of this atmosphere, it will be a while before this comes around again. Try new treatments that could improve your well-being since you'll be highly receptive to their benefits.

Also, to improve your self-esteem, all signs point to this Wednesday being the perfect day to change your appearance, or to undergo an aesthetic treatment or surgery to change the appearance of your face or any part of your body.

Generally speaking, be careful not to overload yourself with work, activities, or family responsibilities (learn to delegate a little!). There's no need to risk it, is there?