Aries Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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Your sociability makes it so sometimes you don't spend as much time alone as you need.

So as a partner, this Monday, set aside a few hours to enjoy some alone time with the one that you love.

Because Magic Horoscope indicates that you'll feel the need to get close and open your heart.

Also, you can easily express all of your feelings, and your partner will understand perfectly.

So, you'll be able to reach a consensus when it comes to certain things that you both need to change to make your relationship and living together much better.

On the other hand, if your heart doesn't belong to anyone, today there will be many dates, much flirting, and you absolutely won't miss out on any adventures.


Your professional paradise will be quite clear this Monday, but you'll still have to prepare yourself for some obstacles. 

And this is due to Saturn's bad will, a planet that will overload natives of Aries with responsibilities. 

These extra obligations don't mean that you won't get a promotion or improved working conditions, but you'll have to work very hard in order to achieve this.

For certain Aries, this planet could bring things to a standstill at work, although this is less likely.

Your income will generally be protected today according to Magic Horoscope, but you will notice some agents that will try to muddy your harmony.

However, today will be marked by an important financial decision, try to choose wisely and analyze the situation by weighing all of the pros and cons.

It's also possible that you may change your attitude about money, by showing less attachment then beforehand.


Clearly this Monday you're more relaxed and calmer than ever, under Mercury's warm gaze, that's working to find the best balance possible between your professional activity and your family life.

It's recommended that you vary your diet and try to include more vegetables in it. Your well-being needs this right now. 

If you're one of those people that don't really like veggies, try to cook them differently, like grilling them for example.

Or search for recipes online that will help to strengthen your culinary creativity that's been a bit undercover lately.