Aries Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 8th September

Magic Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Why don't you try to use your head a little more when it comes to romantic relationships?

It's true that certain impulses from the heart are hard to control, but sometimes you have to count to ten and think before you do anything you'll regret.

So today you'll avoid any misunderstandings and confrontations both with your partner as well as with other loved ones.

Show off your scientific side, Aries, weigh out the situation every once in a while, to avoid making harmful mistakes or making false moves.

Also, you have to know something: Magic Horoscope says that your partner is tracing your steps closely, and any mistake that you make, you could end up paying the price for and it will take a toll on you.

And your constellation doesn't indicate infidelity, but rather that you're taking advantage of your romance to gain some other kind of benefit.


The cosmos want to put things on the straight and narrow with you today. And because of this, Mercury warns you that on a financial level you won't be able to afford to make mistakes.

You need to be very disciplined, like a soldier, with everything in its place. You need to cut off these superfluous expenses.

And you know that on a daily basis there is money slipping through the cracks and because of this, your savings are dwindling.

It's almost like a faucet dripping just a tiny bit of water, but when you reach the end of the month, you notice that the bill was higher than you thought, and it's then that you appreciate everything that you've wasted.


Neptune will cause unexpected events for the natives of Aries, and their morale will stay high like foam, and it will stay there, without fearing the champagne effect.

Your health should remain stable, and if you've been suffering from neck or back related problems you may even notice an improvement because of the planetary position. 

However, there's also a warning for you Aries: be careful with insect bites, spiders, and other tiny animals. 

You could experience discomfort that you could save yourself from, with a little bit of caution.