Aries WEEKLY Horoscope

21 Mar - 19 Apr

Aries weekly: Your weekday horoscope from 13 - 19 January 2020

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Aries, this week your heart's on a rocky road. You feel like the Universe is testing you as if it wanted to know how authentic your feelings really are, and Venus' influence is making you even more nervous.

You're afraid of making mistakes, saying something that your beloved might consider inappropriate, or being asked a tricky question and providing an incorrect answer.

As a consequence of all this agitation, you'll tend to seek shelter from your issues, to stick your head inside your shell and to keep your problems a private affair. If a good friend gives you their hand, take it as a chance to vent out, and don't hesitate to do it!

Some things won't work out the way you'd want them to, but try not to bring out your bitter side. Sweetness will be your best bet.

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Throughout this week, you'll assess the value of things the right way. You'll surprise yourself when you don't let money be your guide and instead let feelings run loose.

At work, instead of a juicy salary, you'll be on the prowl for some recognition. You'd like a pat on the back and serious congratulations for making a hard project a reality, instead of just getting paid for it. That's definitely going to be a surprise!

Some of you will delve into your own concerns and might consider changing fields of expertise. You'd like to make your true calling happen, although it could be wiser to wait a little longer. Some changes are better off made gradually.

It wouldn't be too crazy an idea to ask your acquaintances to give you back the money you lent them, or that expensive tool that should have come back into your grasp long ago.


Your fighter warrior's side will come out on this week at the halfway point of January. Circumstances are dire, but you'll fight until the end to avoid falling down.

The secret to having decent health, at the very least, is to stay measured and composed. Excess could look like an attractive temptation, but there's nothing good coming along with it. Also, be careful with your company, because there's plenty of people around you going through a cold!