Aries January 20, 2020

21 Mar - 19 Apr

Prediction of January 20, 2020

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Aries, there's a feeling of mistrust towards you among your closest acquaintances; if there are issues for which you need to explain your actions, it'll be hard for you to do so. And even if you say the truth and nothing but, there will be those who will choose not to believe you.

Get a big load of patience behind you, and breathe in deep before you tell your own version of events. Be specific about every single word and don't leave any room for ambiguity.

By making the right moves and using your most reconciling tone, you'll be able to shed some light over this dark matter. At least you'll be fortunate enough to have your partner by your side.

If you're single, you'll have a special kind of charm to melt and woo hearts around you, although your choices won't be as good as you initially thought they were.

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You're about to receive some much-awaited documents, especially if they're connected to unemployment tuitions, grants, pensions or anything of that sort.

You'll get good news and everything seems to be working in your favour, although you'll still have a bit of an uphill battle to reach what you needed to.

It'll also become visible to everyone that you've got a feeling of true love for animals, and you're even considering to turn your home into the temporary shelter for a dog or cat. If you want to give some love to a pet, pick up a stray from the street; you don't need to go and buy one.

However, make sure you know your finances because keeping a pet means that there's feeding, vaccination and vet visit expenses to be had. Bring out your calculator before you open up the doors to your home.


Stop asking every doctor you seek to sort your issues out. If you're not going to listen to whatever orders they give you, why waste time about it?

Sometimes you're too arrogant and tend to think that you know more than doctors, choosing to take whatever pills you deem appropriate and getting rid of several others. Don't be surprised later on if some of your past ailments come to haunt and harm you.