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Cancer Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Changes. That's the prediction for your love life this week beginning on Monday, which coincides with the beginning of October.

Cancer, try to keep a cold mind, although your heart will toss and turn like a furious horse who nobody can tie up.

Your instinctive side may remind you that you're alive, that you are a human being who feels, and that the things that happen around you can affect you, but try to act wisely.

Because you may run into difficult circumstances, and a bad attitude will only worsen the situation. 

The Magic Horoscope stars encourage you to remember that a kiss and a caress can be the best cure for the soul and that their healing powers don't have limits when they are done from the bottom of your heart.


Your numbers don't quite add up, partly because of the excessive standard of living that you have and that you refuse to quit.

The stars are trying to tell you that this is a big mistake, Cancer.

It's time for you to assume that your current economic circumstances aren't what they used to be. The best thing you can do now is trying to spend money only whenever necessary.

You have particular mischief that helps you to continue living at full speed, no one can deny it, but you don't have to get yourself new debts.

The more problems your economy has, the harder it will be to fix them. And the day you have to pay off your debts, maybe you won't be able to do it. What are you gonna do if that happens?


Who said it's too late to change your lifestyle? You could start a new sport that you've never tried before.

Don't let the calendar hanging on the wall determine the age of the heart, Cancer!

Don't you realize that the essential thing is spiritual youth?

Fulfill your desires, don't let anybody stop you, especially if this means an improvement in your physical well-being.

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