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Wednesday's astral atmosphere will lead you to speak from the heart with your partner, and you will say what you usually hush.

If you are a rough person who doesn't usually express feelings, you will let your partner know the way you feel. And if what you need to express is those everyday circumstances that make you go nuts, you will do it today.

This is all because of the astral influence of Venus, who encourages feelings and emotions to grow.

Avoid taking important decisions under this star's influence, just in case. It could disrupt your perception of reality.

Your own experience tells you that it is much more difficult to rebuild than destroy.

This is also good advice for singles, not only for those who are in a relationship.


You will have self-confidence today at work, and you will feel like reaching the highest goals. Congratulations! Keep it up.

The wind blows on your direction, so you will achieve your purpose before you know it.

Saturn will reinforce your ability to assume great responsibilities.

On the other hand, Magic Horoscope tells you that you will get news from someone to whom you owe something, either money or personal belongings.


You may feel itchy this Wednesday due to your nerves.

Don't scratch yourself to death, or you will end up hurting yourself and causing wounds.

Try natural remedies. There is plenty of them that help control stress and anxiety, Cancer.

The best option is drinking infusions, but if you don't like them, you can find the same plants in capsules, which are easier to take.