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Being in love means sharing everything with your partner. And when the planets say everything, they mean everything: your time, your feelings, your motivations, your fears, your longings, your hopes.

However, this Sunday you deserve being a bit selfish and spend time with yourself and leave your partner behind so that you can do whatever you really want.

If you use the right words, your partner will completely understand. So make the most of your time to do what you like the most: practicing your favorite hobby, sunbathing while reading, or just meditating in the silence of your room.


According to the Magic Horoscope, most natives of Cancer will have some personal commitments today that will imply something related to their economy.

Maybe a birthday present or a dinner in an expensive restaurant with your friends.

The stars are asking you if you really want to socialize, and if the money you will spend is worth it.

The sky of the crab sign points out otherwise and foresees that you will spend money only because you don't know how to say no to plans.

Don't be silly, just learn to say no to what you don't feel like doing! And don't even make an effort to give explanations, just do it and that's it.

Your most important law must be: do whatever you want.


Take good care of your throat, and don't expose it to temperature changes. Avoid turning on the air conditioning as much as you can.

If you spend too much time in the car, here are some tips: after you have turned on the air conditioning, turn on the heating a few seconds before leaving, so that the temperature change doesn't have that much impact in you.

If you are suffering from stress and you are accumulating it, for you have spent some tough days, try going to the countryside.

A good walk surrounded by trees, breathing fresh air and touching and embracing nature will be the best remedy for your nerves.

When you reach the peace you need, try to keep that feeling in your memory to remember it when things are not going so well.