Cancer Horoscope for 12 November

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Those Cancer who are living their love life to the fullest will need sharing their joy with the world so that everybody feels the same way.

It is kind of you to try that Cupid reaches everyone with his arrows, but unfortunately, you are not the God of Love.

So quit organizing blind dates to your friends or convincing people to go back with their exes.

Focus on your own story, try always to improve it, be thoughtful. Let people take care of their own love life.

The natives of the crab sign who are single will be surrounded by a positive atmosphere to have good conversations. Be careful so that love and friendship don't mix up, for the result could be explosive.


Your economy is really predictable and routinary today, according to the Magic Horoscope. You have two opinions about this issue.

You can either be a spectator in your life that only watches what others do, or you can take the plunge and face toward success and recognition.

Of course, the planets strongly recommend that you are daring and adventurous. Fight for your dreams, but always bear in mind that you could end up not achieving your goals and be really disappointed. Are you willing to try?


You usually think about your health in the present, and you don't consider the future. If you take care of it now, you'll live longer and better.

Therefore, try to make little efforts that favor your wellbeing so that your health is optimal in a few years.

Here's some examples: reject the cigarette that your coworkers offer you after work, not adding sugar to your coffee, or take a walk instead of taking the bus.

You'll see how little gestures will highly benefit you in the end.