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Cancer Magic Horoscope for December 13

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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Are Cancers feeling spicy today? Because your sky shows a powerful desire for provocation

You do want to turn your partner on, but it is not being easy at all. Around them, there is an icy wall.

Is it possible that your partner is currently seeing you more as a friend than as their significant other?

However, fire always ends up melting ice, at least if there is fuel left to keep the flame burning.

You will have to manage so that the iceberg becomes water and your hearts end up burning together.

Those who are single, on the other hand, should be careful with emotional traps, because there is a lot of hunters who want to have you around.

If you bite the bait, the trap will activate and you'll end up in jail. You're warned!


Your mental agility will help you save some money today, especially if you think of all the products you can achieve day by day for free.

Why buy books if you can borrow them from the library, for example?

And if you are paying for having online connection, why don't you use some free apps to talk to your loved ones instead of on the phone?

Also, your cunning will help you get interesting offers on items that suit you very well and that are necessary for your daily life.


Your emotional wounds will be solved by being with your family and friends, Cancer.

That social support is a shield that protects you from all harm, and you can't get it any easier!

Those who appreciate you will help you to accept yourself, as well as everything around you. Maybe that is not what you had in mind some years ago.

Nowadays, the audiovisual sector has hypnotized a large part of the population, so in order not to be a sheep more try to have the TV off rather than on.

Look for hobbies that get you moving, and have more interesting goals!

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