Cancer Magic Horoscope for November 13

Daily Prediction for Tuesday
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Your ego is at its highest levels, Cancer. You woke up wanting to be desired, and you don't really care if you are in a relationship or not.

You'll do whatever you can to look good, elegant and sofisticated so that you can feel free of flirting wherever you go.

Analyze your specific situation: maybe that behavior is due to an affection lack, and that's the way you have to show it.

The Magic Horoscope's stars indicate that your heart is not beating strongly and that you are expecting for some external stimuli.

If you are not single, don't play with fire flirting with other people. You could get burnt.


You'll get to manage your economic situation. The stars are giving you good influences to do so.

It won't be easy, you will have to face adversities and sometimes you will even have to accept that you need some restrictions.

You usually like wasting money depending on your mood. If you feel happy, you love going shopping. On the other hand, if you are not in the mood, you don't feel like having to pick articles to buy.

Come on, it is important that you take care of your expenses and that you don't waste too much money.

You urgently need some changes at work. Don't act crazy. If you are to evolve, you have to do it after some long meditation and don't haste.


Whenever somebody asks you what your philosophy of life is, what do you reply?

Consider if you are thinking about the future or if you aren't able to think beyond today.

Stress and nerves will be attacking you today, and you won't have an easy day. Try to deal with it focusing on your looks, as we said before.

Getting rid of stress will improve the way your eyes look, will help you rest better and you will have fewer wrinkles in the future. Aren't those enough good reasons?