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Thanks to Venus your sentimental longings could come to life this Saturday.

If you are single, today you may meet someone that could turn your life around.

The stars predict that person to be a native of Aries or Leo. Take a look around you, and if you need to ask someone their sign, go ahead!

If you are in a relationship, taste the flavor of love honey and passion through beautiful moments.

Plan a romantic weekend —maybe going to the movies or the theater.


You usually care much about your personal finances, but you can't forget about the global economy.

If you are intelligent and have common sense, you will be able to manage your domestic economy very efficiently. Your managing skills will be rewarded.

Mercury points out good perspectives at work. Your entrepreneurial spirit and your reflection capacity will prevent you from taking unnecessary risks.


Today will be a quiet day in which health won't prevent you from doing whatever you want.

However, you need to pay attention to your mood. Jupiter's position influences it in a bad way. You are very likely to say things that people don't want to hear.

A well-balanced diet —low in fats and rich in fruits and vegetables— will help you maintain your health and will prevent you from having cardiovascular diseases.

Don't be lazy. Stop delaying your self-care.