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Cancer Prediction for 15 December

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Cupid's bow and arrow take the starring role on this Saturday of December.

Are you thinking of proposing to your partner, whether it's getting married in a church, or just committing to each other?

Go ahead, it's a perfect day for this! Love will be more than ever in the air, you will breathe it as soon as you put your feet out of bed.

And you will transmit this love to your partner, your suitor, or anyone you have near you because no force is greater than that of this feeling.

Come on, run to a jewelry store to buy the most beautiful ring for your other half so that you two can live happily ever after!


Do you suspect that there is information about your economy that is not clear enough? Do you get the feeling that someone is hiding something important from you?

Star investigating! And don't take this as a childish game, your savings and expenses aren't a joke, are they?

Thus, today use your time to analyze each cent that is spent or follow the steps of that person (a partner, maybe?) who could be a scab.

And when you discover some irregularity, check it, and once you are sure of the embezzlement, ask for explanations without hesitating.

The stars will guide you to do things in the best possible way, listen to your intuition but trying to dominate your nerves.


A special message for those Cancers who are not that young anymore, or who are undergoing important medical treatment.

This Saturday your mood may not be at its best, but it will be a matter of a hormonal imbalance.

Don't be desperate, or think that everything will be like this from now on, it's just something temporary, nothing more!

And hey, if you have to cry, even if it's joy tears (the day favors you to be happy in general) then do it without shame or fear.

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