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Venus' current position for Cancer this Thursday promotes entrepreneurship, and that you take important decisions that will take you far.

Enough monotony and routine. Enough with the days that don't move forward. Enough with being bored.

Do those things that you want to do and that you keep postponing: propose to your partner under the moonlight, start looking for a new home, pick your next child's name.

For those Cancer who are single, that entrepreneurship could be related to telling that special person that you love him/her.

If you want that ephemeral affair to become something more, even if it is not a relationship, go ahead and go for it.


The stars recommended that you moved forward in your love life, but they are telling you to stay the way you are right now when it comes to your work situation.

It is not the most convenient day for changes today, and that could make you feel frustrated.

Also, there's a chance that some mistakes you've made recently will come to light and make you feel a little smaller, assuming your guilt.

When it comes to your economy, the stars don't see anything important to take into consideration. The situation will be calm.


Today the planets are taking care of your wellbeing, Cancer. If you don't do any extra effort, you will enjoy a day full of energy.

You could use the strength the planets provided you with to do those things that you are always postponing.

Be careful what you do, and remember what the Magic Horoscope told you about doing extra efforts, for you could hurt your back if you carry heavy weights or similar.

Remember that if you are to do it, you have to flex your knees, elevate your head, keep your back straight and make sure that what you are carrying is closer to the body as possible.