Cancer Forecast for November 16

Cancer Magic Horoscope for Friday
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Your life is like a romantic movie, and you love being surrounded by love.

Let love knock on your door and breathe the poetry of your life. However, don't forget about your loved ones who are already in your life.

Love and sexuality mean sharing, living experiences that will enrich your life.

You needn't pretend that everything is perfect, for unhappy experiences and painful memories are also part of the learning process of our life.

If you are single and are interested in someone special, don't be intrusive. Give that person the key to your heart and them come in whenever they want.


Cancer, following your intuitive ideas is very positive today. It is written in your sky, especially by Saturn.

The planet of the agriculture god encourages you to trust that little voice inside you that guides you toward the professional path that you are walking day by day.

You will really need to forgive your past mistakes in order for you to move forward with your life.

If you take a look around you, you will be able to appreciate how the new situations favor your success, and that will help you evolve.


Concerning your physical and mental health, you will be in good shape, and you will finally forget about your self-esteem problems.

You will be able to commit with yourself to have some schedule that favors your wellbeing, for example when it comes to your meals hours or the time you go to bed every night.

You can't ever skip breakfast, and whenever you have lunch and dinner, be calm and take your time while sitting on the table, enjoying the food you are eating.

Check your agenda just in case you have a medical appointment that you didn't remember of.