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Cancer Horoscope for 17 December

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According to the Magic Horoscope's interpretation, Neptune's advice is that honesty will be the best for your relationship.

Telling the truth and being honest is the best method for harmony to flow around you, even considering the most trivial aspects.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to tell absolutely everything to your partner. Sometimes it is really useful that you don't let anyone in your private garden.

However, it really is necessary that you are more honest and that you avoid telling small lies, for they could damage your relationship.

If you are single, your love atmosphere will be relaxed. If you travel somewhere, you could meet someone special.


Your social life is pretty intense, and its levels are multiplied during weekends. Therefore, you always do plans where money is required.

Control your expenses the following days, especially if you have wasted too much money the last weekend.

Also, try to remember if you owe money to someone, and don't wait for anyone to tell you to pay it back. Always one step ahead.

At work, the day is expected to be very effective and active, and you will also be one step ahead of the rest. Seize this marvelous moment, for it won't last forever.


Music is food for the soul. Today music can help your health, for it will help you relax.

If you are a Cancer with a certain gift for melodies and know how to play an instrument, today you should give free rein to your talent.

You will get to have a moment alone with yourself, you will stimulate your mind, and you will get it in shape for the future.

Did you know that there are studies that reveal that if you are part of a music band you are less likely to have dementia when you grow old? And you can have a really good time!

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