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This is a message for those Cancer who are single: be careful with flatterers. What's more, those Cancer who are in a relationship should be careful too.

These people are only hiding dark interests in you, and according to the stars positions, you are very likely to fall into their trap.

In point of fact, that person that seems to do whatever is necessary for you, tomorrow will find another toy to play with, storing you in a drawer as children do with their playthings on Christmas morning.

However, you will be able to see what people around you are like that, therefore you will identify them. The question is: when and how to act?

However, you have to be sure that what you realized is true so that you don't take the wrong decision.


The stars foresee some problems between Cancer and some co-workers, maybe those who are working on a project together in which Cancer is the manager.

Those people that you have to manage don't seem to be willing to listen to you and obey.

You should try to let yourself free from so many duties and responsibilities and share the manager tasks with your team so that everybody can express their opinion, instead of being against all of them.

When it comes to your household economy, it is more recommended that you wait a little bit more before you solve those problems that won't let you sleep at night.


You are full of energy and you must make the most of it. Do some organizing and cleaning at home or even at work.

You are trapped between the wish of keeping all of your belonging and throwing it all away.

Whatever you do, you have to be 100% sure so that you don't regret afterward.

If you finally make your choice, try to make your house suitable for the energy flow and make sure that it receives enough sunlight.