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Cancer Horoscope for 2 December

Your Forecast for Sunday
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Are you in a relationship, Cancer? If the answer is yes, according to your sky, nobody doubts that you are living only for your partner.

However, today it is possible that you are not able to control your feelings. Your will to take care of your other half may make you become a dictator, a tyrant.

Don't manage the lives of the people around you or your partner's as if they were your puppets, following your wishes.

If you manage to do it, the end of the week will be harmonious and peaceful for you.


Usually, there is a question wandering in your head: are you becoming obsolete in the current employment market?

There is not a clear answer, it depends on every case. Recycle your knowledge and your skills.

Analyze how capable you are of adapting yourself to different environments, and try to see if you do it easily or if it is harder than you'd like.

Also, appreciate yourself more. Reinforce your skills and consider how you can camouflage your weaknesses. Keep a positive attitude that helps you squeeze every day.


The last month of the year starts its countdown. Therefore, if you check your calendar, you will see Christmas day on the horizon.

This holiday doesn't affect everyone in the same way, Cancer, and even if some people are looking forward to it so that they can be with their families, some others feel melancholy and miss those who are not here anymore.

If this is your case, try to turn your feelings inside out. Focus on the happy times and beautiful memories.

You know that if those persons were there, they wouldn't like to see a sad face. Your homework for this Sunday is to smile.

Venus invites you to take care of your muscles, so don't be lazy and do some sport. Got it, Cancer?

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