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Planet Venus is protecting the crab sign toward the weekend and is offering Cancer her goddess love.

Therefore, you must know that if you have had trouble with your partner, those problems will stay behind and you will forget about it and make peace.

However, the situation will be worse for many crabs, so you better don't let your guard down. Nevertheless, those well-committed couples will enjoy happiness and passion.

In the same way, Venus will provide those who are single with control over their love issues. You single Cancers could be at the doors of an important date.

Keep calm and act wisely. Don't haste; time is your ally.


According to the Magic Horoscope, you can be very self-critical this Friday, Cancer.

It is possible that you don't watch your economy as much as you should. Sometimes you neglect it a little and delay your bill payments or your paying back a loan.

However, you don't need to justify every economic movement that you do.

Concerning work, you should not push for more than you can give. If you try to go too fast, the results could end up not being so good.


The Magic Horoscope isn't foreseeing any health issues that you don't know of. If you have had neck or back pains, they will improve these days.

However, we warn you that you have to watch out with your digestive system disorders due to your overeating.

The cosmos advice is temperance and moderation. If it gets out of hand —which is very likely to happen— try to help your body with chamomile or green anise infusions so that your stomach can perform better digestion.