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Do you want to know who is responsible for your sky to be messy? It is Jupiter, which is in a bad position for Cancer.

Your personality will be voluble today, even grumpy. If you are not willing to do something to put a remedy to it and improve your current circumstances you will have to face some problems afterward.

Be prudent and cautious so that those issues that are not going well won't get any further.

On top of that, the astral atmosphere will not favor your partner's patience skills or their will to be nice.


In order to have a bumper crop, you have to take your time reaping. It seems like Cancer are doing things better than they thought!

If nothing goes wrong in your sky today, you will get some new about a business trip concerning a project that you are working on.

Seize this kind of opportunities, try to have time to, and always say yes to whatever they propose to you. That will open new windows for you.

Work on your knack for social relations, collect more contacts, show your beautiful smile and you will get to people's heart.

Concerning your economy, don't hesitate if you have to say no to people who ask for your help when they don't deserve it.

Don't get fooled by those people who pretend that they are having a rougher time than they really are. You will find out when people are lying and that will help you.


The stars position marks that your appetite grows. What is more, you will have the need to eat food that you don't usually eat.

Forks and knives can become hell for you. It will be really hard to find a reasonable solution which doesn't harm your heart and cholesterol levels.

Don't even think about your weight or if your clothes will look tighter on you. The most important think to care about is your health, above all.

If you don't take care, you could damage your liver, for example, which would bring you many problems.