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Cancer Daily Prediction for 20 September

Thursday’s Cancer Forecast
Cancer Daily Horoscope | HoróscopoMá



You have to let out that personal hell that is sometimes in your head with doubts and insecurities related to your love relationship. 

Your romance isn't probably as satisfactory as you would like it to be, and that you have your sex life a bit abandoned. 

It's normal for passion to fluctuate, but you might have to do something so that it goes through yourself again. 

You might be a bit restrictive in your desire to order and command in lovemaking, especially if your spouse is Taurus, Aries or Leo. 

Cancer singles should stop looking at the faraway horizon and try to build a stable sentimental happiness where they don't forget about the present. 


According to the Magic Horoscope, your ignorance in some professional matters could make itself obvious today.

So, don't talk too much about things that you don't really know or you'll just seem ignorant.

Especially, avoid talking bad about the competition if you have a company, or about other colleagues who there is a certain rivalry with.

Your words could make you become a target of gossip that would not favor at all your own professional image.

For this reason, Mercury invites you to take a back seat in working and economic matters, remain discreet and let everything happen with the least possible involvement on your part.


Try keeping a stable temperature today, in which you are vulnerable both to cold and hot. 

Above all, to avoid diseases that are the consequence of getting cold, like the flu, for example. 

This Thursday, your health isn't in its best power, and a past ailment may come back.

If it's necessary, ask your doctor for advice, especially in the case of chronic health problems or if you're taking some medicine regularly as part of a treatment. 

Apart from this, you have nothing to fear; just try to be cautious and reserved.

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