Cancer Prediction for 21 October

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Due to such a weak astral atmosphere, your protection barriers will crumble. That is, Cancer, you will give up on controlling the way you feel.

Having intense feelings can be beautiful. It is time for you to get over your fears and insecurities.

Time goes by, Cancer. You can't always hide in your oyster prioritizing reason over feelings.

When your protection barrier breaks, you will realize how much you can enjoy your married life. You will connect with your partner more intensively, and you will enjoy because you want to, not because you have to.

Venus is shining for your love life, Cancer, even if you're single. By the beginning of the day, there are high chances that you run into someone you like.


Be careful at work, Cancer. There is someone —probably a Virgo or a Sagittarius— that is trying to make you fail.

You could be accused of doing something illegal, and your self-confidence will be vital today.

The truth will be your strongest ally. Be straightforward and don't let those accusations affect you, for you know they are false.

Try to play your cards right and you could even learn from that experience. And not only in that specific situation, but if you know how to face that kind of problems, you will always benefit.


Have you been feeling nervous and anxious lately but you don't know why? You probably need something that keeps you busy and that forces you to have a routine. 

Consider adopting a pet —maybe a dog or a cat. But if you don't want that kind of pet, there are plenty of options: a bird, a turtle or even a hamster.

The presence of a pet at home can help you fill that emptiness feeling that you have had lately. The astral affluence encourages you to do it.

The caresses and cuddles with your new pet will help you calm your nerves. Adopted pets are the most grateful!